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Time doesn't wait for me

It keeps on rollin...

28 November 1986
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Hey, I'm Dave. I'm twenty-three and Cuban. I currently live in the heart of Boston, 2 blocks down from Fenway Park. I'm a huge Red Sox fan, and just love baseball in general. I'm also pretty deep into English soccer, and love the Chelsea Blues. I have a pretty broad taste in music I guess, my favorite bands are The Rocket Summer, The Strokes, and Dave Matthews Band, who everyone born after 1986 seems to hate for no good reason at all. Oh well. I consider myself a libertarian and am a registered Republican, but I'm not too into politics. I don't really find talking about politics interesting though. Much rather talk about Sox vs Yanks or Skins vs Giants, or how bad Manchester United sucks.

My proudest accomplishment on Livejournal, and the first of many:

Week 8 08/09 Season Pick'em